Dala Ka ng Food Yellow Pages Banner

I just came across with the Yellow Pages website, and notice something. Is it since before what happened to Vhong-Deniece incident? "Punta ka condo, Dala Ka ng Food".

Look at their pop up banner "Party in a condo? Dala ka food!". This "dala ka ng food" is trending slogan in social media after Vhong Navarro's interview telling Deniece invited him in a condo and ask to bring food.

Notice the "Check BGC buttons" BGC is Bonifacio Global City, Where the mauling incident happened.

Navarro, in his filed case to department of justice, claimed that he was set up by model Deniece Cornejo for an extortion attempt allegedly led by Lee. The actor said he was blindfolded, tied up and attacked by 6 to 7 men inside Cornejo's condominium unit in Taguig. Cornejo, in her counter-affidavit filed last January 29, alleged that she was "rescued" by Lee's group from being s3xually assaulted by the actor, which supposedly led to the mauling. The National bureau of investigation did they investigation. They found some shocking information that will have a big impact in the cases filed, including the CCTV footage from the elevator of the said condominium.

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The scandalous incident of Vhong and Deniece are still in progress up today. Both parties are claiming as a victim and charges are filed against each other. I hope that the truth will prevail in their quest.

So what now, do you think the banner is inspired by the incident or just a mere coincidence?