Mysterious Flesh Eating Disease in Pangasinan Failed Report?

The Prophecy

A few weeks after the devastation of a magnitude 7 earthquake in Bohol and super typhoon Yolanda in Eastern Visayas, a video showing a prophet named Sahud correctly predicting the said events months before it had happened became viral. The scariest part of the said prediction was an epidemic disease that would start in some parts of Pangasinan and would likely to mutate when it reached Cebu City. The disease was described as turning the patients’ skins and tissues black in a matter days. It was also foretold that this would also spread in many parts of the world.

Coincidentally, an ABS-CBN news team had recently discovered what they described as a “mysterious” illness that was “spreading” in some parts of Pangasinan. An unnamed woman was shown in the news report as having wounds and scabs all over her body and her mother claiming that at some occasion, flies and ants would come out of the wound. They said that they have consulted many doctors who did lab tests and biopsies but had different opinions or diagnosis. Another young man was shown to have almost the similar condition but was unable to get proper treatment or lab tests due to lack of resources.

[pullquote]it is also our responsibility to do our own research and be skeptical about everything mass media is feeding us. We fear too much and know too little.[/pullquote]

Just minutes after this news broadcast, many netizens have revived the video of the prophet and was immediately concluding that it was the completion of the last prediction. A lot of net users turned to Google searching for the said “flesh-eating bacteria” that seemed to fit the description of the said disease. Others claim that the end of the world is near. Nevertheless, this issue had definitely pumped up most people. But if you look across the issue, you could see some ambiguities that was overlooked by most people.

The news team who apparently sensationalized the story claimed that this disease is already spreading wherein they only reported two separate cases.

If this disease was indeed contagious, the same household where the patients live should have reported other of their family members inflicted with the same disease. However, this is not the case. Although the people who covered the news and the health official who was with them were wearing masks and protective suits, the family members who had been taking care of the patients were merely exposed but have not acquired the same disease. It was obvious that the term “spreading” was put on the report to make it more concerning.

Flesh-eating or Necrotizing diseases are fast progressing and only affects immune-compromised individuals.

If you were one of the people who had googled this term and concluded that the doctors who handled the case were stupid for not coming up with this diagnosis, think again. Doctors studied and trained for years so having the power of information through the Internet would not make you smarter than them. They have ruled out necrotizing fungal or bacterial diseases because the said illness would most likely kill you in a matter of days if you have not been treated properly. From the news report, these individuals had been infected for weeks or possibly months now.

The said disease was “mysterious” but doctors did have some diagnosis although none was conclusive.

Although they have different diagnosis, they do have ideas about what the disease might be. The real problem was the people involved had not enough resources to afford a proper treatment. If these patients were given the best doctors and the best treatment or medications, they would suffer much less or no longer at all.

The prophecy clearly stated that the predicted “disease” would progress in two days and would be highly contagious.

None of this description fits the disease featured in the television. Although a mutated drug-resistant necrotizing and highly contagious bacteria could be a possibility in the future, there are still no reported case at present time. As a matter of fact, this kind of disease, whether caused by a fungi, virus, bacteria or even a chemical weapon, is always possible in the future. It is always up to our immune system if we could handle these kinds of sickness and adapt or give in and suffer extinction.

Although it is unethical for a well-respected news organization to come up with reports that would cause hysteria without sorting out information well, it is also our responsibility to do our own research and be skeptical about everything mass media is feeding us. We fear too much and know too little. We even failed to see that the world is indeed coming to an end. As you go to sleep tonight, you are one day closer to the end of the world. What is scarier is, you have no idea when the expiration date is. You might die from a flesh eating bacteria but you could also die from cancer, other diseases, an accident or even murder. Your world ends when you die so reports about the end of the world should no longer scare you. Indeed, your time is running out so quit wasting time wallowing over these kind of issues. Repent as you may, love, have fun and explore the world. Show and spread kindness and quit the hate. Always do good because time is running out!
The video of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj delivering the controversial prophecies.