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Parent- one who begets or gives birth to a child. Through this meaning, anyone who is physically capable could become a parent. You could copulate, multiply and produce offspring as much as you want. You could choose multiple partners to mix and match with your genes to create a variety of life form. You could donate your sperm cells to a bank to those who want it or be a surrogate mother for those who could afford it.That easy, you could become a parent.

Parent- one who nurtures and raises a child. By definition, you would provide care and nurture to a helpless little child. You would toil and work to feed them. You would give your time and even life to help them grow. You would forget living your own life for them. That difficult, you would become a parent. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

Not everyone could be a parent, considering the first definition. Some people are physically deterred from bearing children. They could not be able to have an offspring even with all the advances in medical technology. But in turn, not everyone would be a parent, reckons the second definition. Not everyone would be capable of self-sacrifice and pure altruistic love. Humans, by nature, love themselves first.

How many times have you seen a helpless infant abandoned by her birth mother? Or a toddler beaten to death by his biological father? It happened and continues to happen for countless times. It is an anomaly, for science dictates that a parent loves and nurtures its offspring to preserve its species. The human body even produces hormones to make sure this happens. Unfortunately, this generation had all too been but an imbalance of hormones.

[pullquote]She is an ordinary woman, not so beautiful, nor outstanding. But the smile she has for June, makes me think that she is the most beautiful woman[/pullquote]

So should human being perish in the face of the Earth, if those who are supposed to nurture and care for their offspring abandoned their obligation by throwing them anywhere or leaving them on the streets? Are we venturing to our extinction? Apparently not.

Parent- one who begets or one who gives birth to and nurtures and raises a child. A parent’s role does not end in conceiving or begetting. It continues by nurturing and raising. Although this phase had been abandoned by most parents, some are just willing to continue. Some people who have not even a bit of relation or DNA to an offspring apparently are capable of giving love unconditionally.

Nature always compensates. And by divine intervention, our species would continue. Because even though some lacked, other suffice. Even though others abandon, some are willing to rescue. While others hate their own, some love others.
“Every child deserves a parent, but not every parent deserves a child.”-Unknown.