Here's Why Google Will not Hire you, We don’t want your Diploma!

If you wanted to work for top companies in the business, it is a necessity to have an Ivy league diploma in addition to A+ grades. This was the most common belief; that until internet-giant Google changed the game. Apparently, the Human Resources Department of one of the world’s most successful companies has a different perspective when eyeing for a potential employee. You do not have to be the most intelligent student but a diligent learner. You do not need to come from a top university but should have a determined drive to succeed. And while most companies scan resumes to know who gets hired, Google would base your success in a behavioral interview.

Unfortunately, this standard of employing people is still not that known with most of the companies in the world. This leaves a lot of discouragement to most employees who has not earned a good degree or went to a prestige university. If you were one of those people who only went to ‘some college’, you might have experienced this kind of stereotyping at least once in your career. However, Google does make a lot of point. When you step in a company’s office, everyone would be in neutral ground. But how can you be in advantage when you are competing for a promotion with some people who are crowned with their prized degree while you are not? We have laid out some simple tips that could put you in advantage over these significant collegiate.

1. Learn about the company
You have to research about the company and know the most trivial things like who founded the company and when was it established, to more significant facts like the company’s goals and core values. These are some things that a typical employee does not know or care about. If you knew more of a company’s history, you would more likely know how to do your job in accordance with the company’s main goal. Align your career plans with it.

2.Master your craft
You should know how to do your job more than anyone else. Aside from that, you should also think of ways to make it better. Make it a point to always think of something that would make your job “special”. Come up with your own signature or idea and make sure your bosses know it is yours.

3. Learn about other people’s job too
You should not limit yourself with knowing how to do your job. Sneak around other co-workers and  get them to teach you how other jobs are done and if possible, try to do it too. Preferably, aim to know how to do higher level position’s works to increase chances of promotion.

4. Value your attendance
Your dedication to your work reflects on your attendance. You can make an impression with your bosses if you are always the first at work and last to leave. You could establish to your superiors that you are reliable and trustworthy just by simply always showing up for work.

5. Know the basics of office politics
Keep a low profile at first so others would not recognize you as a threat. Be humble by asking for help and questions at times. You could help your co-workers but never disclose everything you know. Office politics is most of the time, a mean business. You have to be sneaky and shrewd at the same time.

6. Recognize opportunities to show-off
It is not enough that you know and do a lot. You must be able to show your boss and anyone who would decide your promotion everything you work hard for. Volunteer for a job no one likes to do and do it flawlessly. If a colleague is absent, you could always show that you know how to do his/her job. There would come a numerous opportunity so you should always be on guard to show-off.

Sooner or later, the trend Google has started would likely to catch up with other companies simply because the logic of demolishing stereotypes was practical and smart. It does not mean that we should prefer not to go to a respectable university nor refuse having degree. This only opened the door wider for people who are willing to work harder and do not rely on diplomas and titles.Whether you are working for a huge company like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo, or just for the fast food chain off the block, you have to remember that your attitude towards your job always determines your value for the company. It is not what you know but what you are willing to learn; not about what your talent is but what you are going to do with your talent and most definitely what school you are from but what your school had shaped you into.