Quick Guide: Facebook SEENZONED Why There's no reply?!

Nothing is more frustrating for a woman than to see that a message she had sent was seen but was not replied too. Thanks to the new feature of most messaging apps like Facebook, time stamps had eliminated the alibi of some people that they have not read the message yet therefore the lack of reply. Thus the term “seenzoned” was born. If the conversation ended with a “hahaha”, “lol” or “okay”, it would have been excused. But if the last message was an open-ended question, this would cause a woman’s mind to work overtime. Here are the most common reasons (or excuses) why you were seenzoned.

1. He was too busy with something
He was at work and was just stealing time to chat with you. This should flatter you because he took the risk to be caught by his boss to flirt with you. If you have received a reply at the same time every day, it is more likely that you were able to chat with him during his idle time. No need to sulk about being seenzoned.

2. He had no more internet credits
He was about to type a reply to you then sadly, he lost internet connection. Perhaps he was using a prepaid and lost credits. But this alibi could be easily busted if he had a Facebook activity (liking a picture, commenting, etc.)  minutes after you were seenzoned.

3. He was evading the question
He was either uncomfortable with the question you have asked or he was not prepared to give an answer. Either way, consider if you had asked something that was too personal. When he starts the conversation with a “hi” or “how are you” next time he chats and no longer bothered to answer your last question, he is most likely eluding.

4. His girlfriend(or wife) suddenly arrived
If you were flirting or chatting with a guy who is already in a relationship status, being seenzoned most of the time is completely normal. The presence of his girl would automatically shift his attention (or he would try to shift her girl’s attention). If he had not answered your question when he replied again, it is more likely your whole message was deleted.

5. He was not interested in you
As hurtful as it sounds, he was just not into you. He thought the conversation was boring and just lost the point of wanting to reply anymore. He was just being polite to have replied the first time. If you had been seenzoned once, twice and over again, drop it and move on to your next target.

6. He fell asleep
You were chatting in the middle of the night and as much as he had want to reply, his eyelids shut off automatically. Wait until the next day if he would answer your questions. Then it is better to go to sleep than to spend the whole night thinking why he had read but not answered your questions. Geez, people need to sleep, too!

7. He was playing hard to get
He just needed some assurance that you were really onto him so he wants you to put on more effort in chatting (or flirting) with him. Yes, guys could be vain like that, too. Follow up a message once but not more than two times because the real reason might fall on #5 and you would look cheap.

The initial reaction of a seenzoned person would be hurt because it seemed that your message was ignored but there could be plenty of reasons why it had happened. Just be realistic and keep an open mind, most importantly, avoid ranting about it on your status post or nag the person who had seenzoned you. It just happens, and it happens for a reason other than ignoring you so chill! ;)