Quick Guide: The Right Way To Fall In Love

My heart floated in the air
Caring, loving and so free
My true love to him, I bear
For pain, i did not foresee
I put my trust and only heart
To him who had made me fall
I knew we would never part
It seemed we had gotten all

Then it caught me by surprise
For the prince I thought I knew
Was no more but a disguise
I was struck by what was true

He was filled with wickedness
He who waited for his chance
He who pried my naiveness
As he had me in a trance

But it did not satisfy
That he thrust me into pain
What he did to stupefy
Over and over again
All that was left was tattered
My whole heart was of no use
He left me beaten, battered
No way to come to a truce

So I picked up the pieces
I tried to save what was left
But the pain never eases
For the burden was so heft
Then I decided to keep
My heart that was torn away
Boxed in the tears I did weep
Closed forever, I do pray...

Life went on to those who love
While I was in confinement
My hopes were never above
But to fear it and commitment

I tucked my heart not to suffer
Hid it close then threw the key
Love could no longer offer
Redemption left for me

Then you came, just passing by
A sight I would just ignore
But you took the chance to try
You knocked on my closed door

You seemed too warm, so tempting
That I almost shut my guard
But I gave up believing
After I had crashed too hard

Though you seemed also broken
I wondered how you still smiled
How your pain was forgotten
And how you treat me so mild

But fear is fear never lost
When asked for my broken heart
For I could not pay the cost
To be broken twice apart

You started to walk away
It seemed I could never bear
If I would be left astray
And you were not there to care

I shut my eyes, tried my luck
And the key I surrendered
There you were ready to pluck
The heart that I have offered

And just like magic, you healed
Repaired the heart once destroyed
And just like that you did yield
Only for love, you have toiled

Now I found myself in you
Love, I do not longer fear
One heart was broken in two
But you, my love, interfere
I had let everything go
And flew with you in my arms
For only me, you bestow
And you guard so no one harms