What Really Happen: Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 Disappeared withouta Trace

Huge airplane, vanished in thin air.

At the age of Global Positioning System, Google Earth and tracking devices, it seemed that the chances of a missing aircraft was close to none, although some news online claims the Malaysian Plane Airline Flight MH370 (Boeing 777) was found. However, the event from last week, wherein the Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace proved that even with the advancement in technology of our generation, there are some things that could still baffle us. The lives of the 249 crews and passengers are at stake and as time ticks away, the possibility of their deaths is close to certain.

Terrorist Attack

With a long history of messing with aircrafts, terrorists were the first suspects in this case. The authorities were then quick to investigate each passengers and crews for likely culprits. However, even with a passenger with a fake passport on board, no one was proven or even surmised to be one. Terrorists are known for making their acts public; they behead people on line and would likely claim responsibility the moment the plane was discovered missing. They are branded to spread fear but at this point, people are mostly wondering than fearing.

Conspiracy Theory

Some experts are thinking that the Malaysian government is covering up something. They think it is more likely that the plane had already been discovered to blow up and they were not saying anything because it would disrupt peace and order all over the world. Or probably, they were saving face and avoiding responsibility regarding this matter. Nonetheless, with many nations participating in the search, no conspiracy could not be discovered in time.

The Bermuda Triangle (Lost Theory)

This particular incident seemed like the event of a former popular series-Lost. They entered another dimension and survived in a mysterious, untraceable island. After five years, they were able to escape the wicked island after beating up monsters of all kinds. This is another unlikely theory. Unless, some survivors show up five years from now and tell the same story.

Alien Abduction

Most TV shows are reviving theories of alien life after this incident. One person claims that perhaps the airplane was mistaken as their own by a mother ship thus explaining the disappearance without any trace of debris anywhere. After all, who could hide that huge aircraft, more so if it exploded? Some Extraterrestrial believers do have a point. Please call the Men in Black asap.

Nuclear Disintegration

Perhaps some countries were experimenting on their nuclear weapons and the poor aircraft became a victim at random. If this is the case, we should all fear for our lives because the next target of nuclear disintegration would be a country. However, we should expect countries like United States or Japan to even have the slightest idea regarding this technology. That is, if they were not the ones who initiated it.

We could only wait and wonder what really happened. Of course conspiracy theorists would never stop pushing for their ideas even after a conclusive investigation has finished. When lives are at stake, it still entails fear; both for the victims’ families and loved ones to us innocent watchers. Are we still safe after boarding an airplane? Are aliens coming to get us? Is there a nuclear war starting? At this point, the best to do is pray for the victims’ safety, pray for world peace and pray that damnation has not yet come upon us. For that we could only do; watch, wonder and pray.