Kris Aquino: How to Become a Very Intimidating Woman!

She is the “Queen of All Media”.  We may even consider her as a Philippine royalty, being the daughter of a senate patriot and former president, and the sister of the current president. On the contrary, her love story is not like that of a princess. If there is one thing Kris Aquino is infamous for, that would be her unpleasant and oftentimes scandalous love life. Who could forget the, “I got STD from him” stunt and her short-lived affair with a married man?  It is one of the reasons why some people love to hate her. She is the epitome of a bright and successful woman with very poor and stupid choices when it comes to her personal life.

One popular Filipino saying is, if you are unlucky in your love department you are probably going to be lucky when it comes to your career. This seemed ring true with Kris. She is one of the highest paid female celebrities in the Philippines and undeniably one of the most influential, too.  However, at her early forties, she seemed to have a record of failed relationships. We may think it is a matter of luck. But is it really?

Kris Aquino is a very intimidating woman. She is gifted with charm, wit and a lucrative family background. It would be really hard to keep up with Kris Aquino, especially if you are just a regular guy with nothing to show for. People would judge you as a gold-digger if you are not as rich. You would be a fame-whore if you are not as popular.  Somehow, people would always have something to say against you since you are matched up with a seemingly perfect individual.

However, that is only one part of the equation that makes her a failure when it comes to relationship. One bad habit that she has is her uncontrollable ranting about her personal life. She is an open book; the public would even know what she had for breakfast or what her bedroom looked like. Consequently, even her dirty laundry is always shown on air. We had frequently heard the reason why she and her former husband had a fight or why she had broken up with another guy. She had already branded herself as a public property so she felt like she has to explain every tiny detail happening in her life.

In every kind of relationship, famous or not, the moment you start involving other people with the personal matters happening between the two of you would also be the start of the destruction of it. An ideal relationship is like a team where partners should cover up each other’s shortcoming rather than expose it to the public.  People would meddle, judge, say hurtful things and think that they know more than you.

In conclusion, Kris Aquino had been sabotaging her own relationships. Unless she learned to keep mum and keep everything about her relationship, she would likely not succeed with it. All eyes are on her since she is a celebrity but what comes out of her mouth is more damaging than mere speculations, anyways I still like her for being honest!

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