Trends You Need to Know About Philippine’s S3x Scandal Scenes

The only thing that could make other news less significant would be a s3x scandal. At the height of the Pork Barrel Scam Probe, the appearance of Chito Miranda and his girlfriend, Neri Naig’s s3x video scandal followed up by Wally Bayolas’ stunt with an EB Babe and now Paolo Bediones scandal, quickly caught the attention of the people away from the highly controversial political scam. You could imagine Juan Dela Cruz, being pick-pocketed while his attention was diverted to peeping into other people’s personal business.

What makes Filipinos addicted to s3x scandals? Why would it trend more than any kind of news? Filipinos are meant to be conservative. A lot fought arm to arm with the Reproductive Health Law, divorce is not allowed and abortion is a hateful crime in the Philippines. So why are Filipinos keen to follow these s3x scandals and spread them all through out?

For a s3x scandal to be highly publicized, it should have involved at least one famous person. It could be an actor, politician, sports celebrity and so on. As long as they are household names, expect a lot to download or pass on their s3x videos. This is not limited to the Filipino people but could also be the same all over the world. In conclusion, it could be human nature. We love to see the flaws of these seemingly perfect individuals performing carnal acts, making them below us since they are like animals in a circus.

Another reason would be the desire to be ‘in’. I find it a common greeting among Filipino friends (especially the males) if they have watched the latest s3x video. If yes, then the other would give his ‘professional assessment’ of the performance and if not, he would ask for the copy from his friends. Surprisingly, the age range of people who looks into s3x video scandals range from pre-teens to those who are above sixty. It is not also limited to the male population. Thus, it became a common practice. If you haven’t seen the latest s3x video, you could not relate to other people’s conversations.

Of course, we could not discount the real purpose of s3x videos; to entice s3xual arousal or to fulfill intimate fantasies of common individuals. It could be an excuse to peep in a s3x video ‘out of curiosity’ when in fact there is the actual desire to watch porn. In this society, watching porn would make you a pervert but having a collection of celebrity s3x scandal is normal and utmost, cool.

As this trend may present as harmless or just a fad that people would soon be tired of, it could also present some risks and damages to our society. First, the availability of these s3x video scandals are not regulated. This means even children could have access to it and in the long run could be detrimental to how they view morality. Also, the celebrities involved could be people that others look up to. Likewise, it could also present to other people that this kind of behavior is acceptable thus a number of ‘amateur s3x video scandals’ are increasing. Furthermore, it is distracting the Filipinos from more important things like the search and prosecute corrupt politicians who are robbing us of our taxes.
“Scandal is an importunate wasp, against which we must make no movement unless we are quite sure that we can kill it; otherwise it will return to the attack more furious than ever.”- Sébastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort

Image: ABS-CBN