PBB All In Edition was Scripted and It Misled Thousands of People who Auditioned to be a Housemate

Many people have speculated that the latest Pinoy Big Brother All In edition was scripted and the show had misled thousands of people who auditioned to be a housemate. After months or weeks of auditioning, people falling in line and possibly fainting for a chance to be selected, it came as a surprise to millions of viewers as almost every housemate chosen already has a celebrity connection. It gained ire to a lot of netizens to the point that ABS-CBN had to release forms and audition pictures/videos to prove that the people who were selected also went through the same process.

One thing is unclear, how do you get selected anyway? Do you have to be good looking? Do you need to have an oozing s3x appeal? Should you be talented? These are the unanswered questions but one thing is for sure. You should be someone who people would find interesting to watch twenty four seven. It was probably the same reason why the management chose those housemates.

However, the show being ‘scripted’ could make or break the show considering that it was supposed to be a ‘reality show’. In the real world, you would not squirm in front of other people when you are about to be given a vaccine shot, especially if you are a guy. In the real world, it is hard to shed a tear in front of other people at the mention of some random things that might have reminded you of a dramatic event in your life. In the real world, only a minority of people are good looking! So why the heck did we still call Pinoy Big Brother a reality TV show? Is there anything else real in it? Even some of the conversations sounded lack sincerity and some housemates seemed overacting. But then who wouldn’t be if you have cameras on you all the time.

Most people were expecting ‘real’ people to be in Big Brother’s house since this was not supposed to be a celebrity edition but was tagged as an ‘all in’ edition. By concept, it should be something that reflects the different faces of the society; the scavenger on the street, the professional in the office, the carefree teenager and, yeah, the celebrity in the spotlight. That is one of the reason a lot of people who hoped to get in were disappointed since the line-up was clearly deceptive with what the concept should be about.

Nonetheless, PBB is just another TV show which made a bad first impression. Let us hope the cute faces and ‘real’ acting of these housemates would entice the viewers. If not, surely Big Brother would have plenty of tricks under his sleeves to make the show more interesting. Anyway, just sit back, relax and enjoy feeding your stalker tendency.

Image credit: ABS-CBN Starcinema