Are you in a Relationship? 6 Signs That You'll Break Up Soon

Love is blind. It is a cliche that goes around since the word ‘love’ had been invented. Maybe it is because of the process of chemical imbalance that most people who are into it is currently experiencing. After the effects of the natural high of being in love, we sometimes come to realize that we were in a destructive relationship but failed to recognize and even rejected the idea right from the start.

1. It is like a sickness or a disease, it has signs and symptoms that if left untreated could cause the death of your heart.

UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP 6 Signs That You'll Break Up Soon

If you are constantly being belittled or insulted even in a less than serious way, take heed. A person who truly loves you would not magnify your flaws or even make you feel less because of them.

2. Dependency, at times, is an invisible jail that some people would confine you in.

A healthy relationship would encourage you to grow in many aspects. If it tends to restrict you, and each day you are losing your own ability to live on your own, be alert.

3. Physical abuse is bad in so many levels.

If animals activities are charging on the streets when these creatures would be hit by a human being, you should have the same mindset. If you are enjoying the physical pain, then it would be a different story. But if you are a normal and sane person who would be intimidated into a physically abusive relationship, seek help immediately.

4. White lies, little lies and innocent lies have a common denominator.

They are all LIES. Do you have a partner who constantly make petty excuses over and over again and you keep finding out over and over again? Brace yourself, bigger lies are coming towards you.

5. Flirting is a game for single people.

Your partner flirting in and around town, even after you became official is a danger sign. Raise the alarm if your partner brushes off this idea as insignificant and you are being branded as a paranoid.

You and your partner once flirted even before you ended up together. It would be the same process for everyone else.

6. Everyone has secrets. But if you find yourself in a relationship where everything is a secret, it is time to think again.

A huge of number of men was able to keep two families oblivious of each other because of being good in keeping secrets. If he is a secret agent or a superhero, you should know. Even Louis Lane and Mary Jane found it out eventually.

Other people contest that it is not love which is blind, but the people who make their decisions. But let’s face it, love does transform many people into walking fools who are oblivious of their own destruction. Their friends’ and loved ones’ advice are being taken for granted. They might even laugh at this article, thinking they didn’t make the list. But after the worst has come, they would eventually realize it.

Does your relationship make it to the list?