10 Epic Signs That You Have NOT Moved ON From Your Ex

Whether we like it or not, one of the hardest process that people in a relationship go through is breaking up, either because of an unclear or vivid reasons. Whatever these reasons are, it still the most arduous when you would still keep thinking about your ex,months or even years from now.

There are moments when you hear his/her name in your dreams, or when you smile when you hear your song. You even think that seeing a Starbucks barista who smiled at you a sign for you to text your ex even if his/her number is no longer existing.

10 Epic Signs That You Have NOT Moved ON From Your Ex

According to statistics, almost 87% of couples who split up would remain hostile to each other. They play different tactics to protect each other’s pride. Here are the possible signs you have never really moved on yet!

1.You are on stalker Mode. 

If someone would look at your browser’s history, your ex’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, still appear there. You take a peek once or twice a week to see how he/she had been doing, if he/she has a new relationship, or if the love potion you purchased on line or from the sidewalk vendor has already started working.

What’s worse, you even make a fake account just to stalk him/her.

2. You still blab to your friends. 

You keep chatting or telling your friends how bad your ex was to you. Your friends would then agree with you by saying some negative comments for your ex as well.

3. You pretend not to recognize his/her number.

Your ex text you and you purposefully replied, “Who you?” just to make it known that you have deleted his/her number. This seemed pretty pathetic,though, since you still memorized his/her number.

4. You are too assuming. 

You think that every tweet or status post that your ex make is about you. You think his/her world still revolves around you. However, this is just your assumption!

5. You keep all your pictures/messages in one folder.

You refuse to delete your email exchanges, pictures or songs. What’s worse, you put them all in one folder named, “Forgetting you” or “Bittersweet memories”. Ironically, you could not put yourself to trash these bittersweet memories.

6. You are still hopeful. 

You keep posting songs or videos like “Someday” or “I love you, Goodbye” on your wall hoping that he/she would read it and would decide to text you.

7. You pretend that you are happy. 

Even if worse things happen to you, you would still choose pictures that would reflect that you are happy. You even use the hashtag- #100happydays.

8. You blocked his/her account. 

If you have already moved on, why do you still loathe to see his/her account?

9. You are still furious.

Whether it is a personal or online encounter, his/her sight still makes your blood boil. It is still hell to see that he/she became your past or have let you passed.

10. You are bitter.

You don’t like that he/she is happy. For you, your ex is the worst monster that walked on earth. It is a jinx to hear people mention his/her name. You could not accept the sweet memories that have gone bitter just like your attitude right now.

There are still plenty of signs that you have not moved on. But if you already belong to only two on the list, congratulations! You probably have moved on. If you not, sad to say, it would still take a while. No one could do it but you!

If you know someone showing these signs please share it to their wall It may be an eye opener for them!