Shocking: Accused of Murder Asked ‘Siri’ iPhone's whimsical voice assistant, Where to Hide the Body

Pedro Bravo, 20 years old had been accused of murdering his roommate on a Friday, September 20, 2012. According to the U.S. police, Pedro, a college student asked Siri for advice and suggestions as to where he would hide a body on the day his roommate went missing.

He stands accused of kidnapping and strangling his friend, Christian Aguilar, 18, last September 2012 when they shared a room at the University of Florida.
Motives were laid out at the murder trial at the Alachua Country Criminal Justice Centre in Florida yesterday. Witnesses have allegedly heard how both of them argued regarding Christian dating Erika Friman, who turned out to be Bravo’s es-girlfriend.

Through police investigations, Detective Matt Goeckel of Gainesville Police Department said that, Bravo has asked Apple’s digital assistant Siri: “I need to hide my roommate” last September 20, 2012.

With that, Siri gave a response: “What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps.”

Pedro was charged with murder on 20th of September, however, the body of the victim was not found until weeks later when hunters accidentally found the carcass in a shallow grave in a Levy County forest, around 60 miles southwest of Gainseville.

More evidences were collected from Bravo’s IPhone which recorded him using the phone’s flashlight function nine times from 23:31 to 00:01 – coincidentally on the day that he and the victim were nowhere to be found. The police pointed out that Bravo have been using the phone’s flashlight function to hide the body in the woods.

The statements of the accused of his movements that evening have been proven false using the gather location data from his smartphone.

According to the police’ findings, the two students were going to Best Buy to buy a Kanye West CD when they had a fight in the car.

On Pedro’s defense, he claimed that he had only beaten Aguilar. However, prosecutors claimed otherwise at the trial, which began last week, saying that he drugged and strangled the victim in his SUV in a Walmart parking lot—resulting to death and buried the body partially in a very remote wooded area.

Detective Goeckel, a forensic expert further strengthened the case against Bravo by dissecting cell phone data from both men which showed that both phones have been at the Walmart by the day.

It is really strange how technology works with and/or against the person using it. People have been using phones, laptops, internet to find something they need or want. However, this time, by tracking Bravo’s cell phone pings, the police found him and his own smartphone proved against him instead.