Hold your Tears For this Short Film, Guy is Bullied for His Talent Until they Know His Secrets

What can you accomplish with the sound of music?
Music is for making friends.
Showing-off in social media?

To pursue woman?
And sometimes music can be used to cure a weary heart.

Then I heard euphony of worn out strings and a hoarse voice. His shyness was discernible; his hesitance even more. But there he was, standing brave. Facing strangers that could either be compassionate or unkind. Yet he could not care. All I hear was him, every tune filled with love and pleading.

For long I have seen people who created music. I heard voices and tunes millions of times but only a few was memorable. What did they seek to accomplish? Most were fame and fortune. They mastered the art to gain for themselves. They played music to gain acceptance and to win people. They sang to succeed. But yes, no matter how perfect those songs seemed to be, they had been forgettable.

But him? He sang, and I listened to his soul. I had heard his voice then saw his heart. For his was the very essence of music. A melody of emotions unspeakable; the tune of the heart professing his love. In tears, I heeded his loneliness, and felt mine. His despair and hope sounded clear but were unnoticed.

As some seek earthly things, he sought for a miracle. As he played for many, his heart sang to only one. And as they applaud, he only hoped for one smile. For his music was for his love. His music was perfect because his love was pure. He pleaded for compassion, but never demanded more. He kept hoping, and never stopped singing.

I listened, and I was drown out. My mind was reeling on the thought of him. Perhaps, I would never forget that boy who sang and revealed his soul. His loneliness would haunt me like a sad reverie. But his song, like a miracle, would cure the brokenness. His love would spark hope. I pray that he finds what he seeks... And that he would never ever stop singing.

Jam Casadores She's former contributor for Bayanihan News Australia and currently a part-time blogger/writer for different websites. She also teach English to Korean and Chinese students online.