NEWSBREAK: Mark Gil Confirmed Death by Liver Cirrhosis

Manila Philippines- Raphael Joseph De Mesa Eigenmann -also known as 'Mark Gil" A veteran and good actor died reportedly because of Liver Cirrhosis at the age of 52. It was first reported of parent station ABS-CBN that Mark Gil diead 8: 00 in the morning of September 1, confirmed by June Rufino his current manager. 

The actor will be having his 53rd birthday on September 25. Mark is the father of 6 Philippines showbiz personalities, Gabby Eigenmann,Ira Eigenmann, Tim "Sid Lucero" Eigenmann and Maxene "Max" Eigenmann. and of Andi Eigenmann.

Mark Gil Confrimed Death by Liver Cirrhosis

The family has yet to release official statement about the details of his death. Mark Gil has been known as a veteran actor and one of his last project from ABS-CBN is "The Legal Wife".