MUST WATCH: A Touching Story of a Father and His Son

How does one measure love? Through the intensity and sincerity of one’s words to you? Or their compassion and the greatness of their sacrifice suffice? Sometimes, even if love is not evident, it demands to be felt.

In the world, there might be no greater love than that of a parent.
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“I entrusted my own father to a home for the elderly. At the age of 58, he began showing signs of dementia. He would go out then forgetting how to get back home. Sometimes, I would go home and he would be terrified for he couldn’t remember me, his very own son. My career is just starting too but my dad’s condition requires me to go home early so I can take care of him.

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Sometimes he was stable. Most of the time, it gets worse and worse.

I love my dad, I really do. That is why he deserves to have a better care. I have to get on with my own life too. That is why I entrusted him to that place.

Like any other fathers around the world, mine was no different. My dad never really knew how to express love. He was solemn and serious, a typical dad, you might say. Voicing out words such as ‘I love you’ is hard. However, I knew my father loved me through the gentle smile or the warm patting on the head occasionally.

I grew up without a mother so my father singlehandedly brought him up. Having no big educational background in an ordinary fishing village, it was only natural that my father is a fisherman.

As a kid, whenever I made a mistake, he would scold me. However, in my memory, my father hardly hit me.

One day though, I remember, when I was caught stealing, he hit me so hard that even the storekeeper who told my Dad had to stop him. That very night as I cried, he cried too. He went into my room and applied medicine on my body as I pretended to sleep. I dare not open my eyes, as he left my room leaving money on my bed for me.

He loved me. That, I know so well.
So when I went back to his room and heard the caretaker rebuking him, my blood boiled.

“I clean all your dirt, even your son does not want you,” she told him.

I shouted at her to get out. My chest swelled up and my heart tried to reach my dad’s. He was sitting beside me with his pee dripping on the floor. On the table beside his bed was a letter. With a faded yellow photograph were his words written down.

It said:
Sorry for being sick. It has caused you much trouble..
I do not want to forget you, I try very hard to remember you
You must take good care of yourself.
And at the back of the letter was his bank account statement. It was his lifetime savings of working hard despite the hard life.

It was his lifetime of love towards me.”