Paolo Bediones Alleged Part 2 Scandal Video

The alleged Paolo Bediones s3x scandal video part 2 is circulating on social media and for those who haven't seen the video it's 15 minute long. The girl on the first part of Paolo Bediones Scandal is the same on the new released video. The possibility of having 2nd and 3rd part of video has been open when Paolo himself posted an image on his Instagram account showing an alleged blackmail message.
As Paolo can remember he had the scandal way back 2009 and already deleted the copy of it. The only hint that Paolo can remember was when he brought his laptop to a technician and started to receive blackmail messages, but he did not responded until this July of 2014 the part 1 video was uploaded with a file name VIDEONESS.Mp4 more or less 16 minute long video.

Paolo Bediones already ask the help of PNP to find the uploader of the video. They already warned the public not to upload or reproduce any of those video copy but you can try to search google for the live link of the said part 2 of Paolo Bediones Scandal also watch out because it is rumored to have a part 3 of Paolo Bediones Scandal

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