Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Part 2 Goes Viral, Possible Part 3 may Also Appear

One might think that a celebrity’s career can go straight downhill with just one s3x scandal. One case was of Paolo Bediones which sparked curiosity and shock to most Filipinos. This time however, Paolo Bediones, a TV host and newscaster had 2 more scandals to add on the watch list and part 3 may also be release as rumored.

The latest video became trending online and was uploaded to various video hosting sites and shared to several social networking sites. The scandal sparked up on the internet on Friday, August 15, 2014 although no one still knows who the uploader is.
Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Part 2 Goes Viral, Possible Part 3 may Also Appear

It was longer and was more daring, those who watched noted, with the video running for 16 minutes and 13 seconds showing the TV host making love with an unknown woman. There were speculations, however, that it was the same girl in the first scandal.

Just last month, Paolo was cornered in the ‘hot seat’ of a certain TV show regarding the issue. It easily gained mixed reactions as Paolo was known as a ‘respected’ news anchor. Currently, he has not given the concerned or curious masses the satisfaction for their thirst of explanation from the TV newscaster. He has neither denied nor admitted the issue. Even when the video has been widely shared, Paolo seems undisturbed.

Reports also say that Paolo Bediones has sought the help of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to stop the continuing viral spread of the video. He reckoned and believes that the perpetrators of his ‘private videos’ were the technicians who repaired his laptop way back in 2009. He also claimed that he started receiving letters three months after to blackmail him.

Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Part 2 Goes Viral, Possible Part 3 may Also Appear

As for his network station, TV5, has already issued a statement.

"The recent issue involving our news anchor, Paolo Bediones, on social media is a purely personal and private matter in which TV5 has no involvement or desire to intrude," TV5 said in an interview.

‘Too fast’, as netizens concluded regarding the TV5’s reply on the matter; they are speculating that the network is already aware of the s3x scandals even before they were leaked online. Even his previous management, GMA 7, was also allegedly aware of the videos and Paolo already got reprimanded by his former boss.

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