Ramon Bautista Announced as 'Persona Non Grata' Unwelcome Person

Davao city just declared Persona non grata, Ramon Bautista on the remark 'HIPON" on Davao city by shouting "ang daming hipon dito sa davao"

The incident happened August 16 as the city celebrates Kadayawan festival with Ramon Bautista as guest sponsored by ayosdito.com.

A day after the said event it is discussed by the city councils wether they will give a declation of unwelcoming and banning Ramon Bautista in their city.

Just as we thought this morning it is reported and shared by the Mindanao page 'Maayong buntag Mindanao"  two image copies of declaration of unwelcoming Ramon Bautista.

What is persona non grata?
persona non grata

here are the copies of declaration as posted on their page

BREAKING NEWS: Ramon Bautista Declared as Persona Non Grata

BREAKING NEWS: Ramon Bautista Declared as Persona Non Grata

Although Ramon already apologized on the same night that the remarks was done and an instagram photo apologizing to the incident still the declaration of persona non grata push through. Some people and netizens cannot agree more with the declaration and calling the Dutertes as butt hurt. Ramon Bautista was sorry of what happen and already give several apologies.

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