VIDEO: 16-Year-Old Hailed as the “Most Beautiful Shoplifter in Cebu” Caught on CCTV

Cebu, Philippines- The police has taken custody of a teenage girl who allegedly shoplifted clothes, roughly costing 10,000 php from a mall store located in Mandaue City, Tuesday, August 12, 2014. The girl, who said she was just 16, was caught in a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera trying to get outside the mall, wearing the new clothes and jewelries she stole.

The boutique staff described the girl as ‘hypnotizing, ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’. According to one of the store crew who recounted the event, the woman have been roaming around the shop for almost two hours, trying several clothes. It was then that she walked away with the boutique’s dress, high-heeled shoes, jewelry and shoulder bag, without paying for the outfit.

The sales attendant, who goes by the name of Adam Dignos, narrated that the alleged ‘beautiful’ shoplifter asking to go to the toilet. They allowed her, with another staff accompanying the girl, but she returned and ran off with the items when she had a chance. Dignos hurriedly ran after her and accosted the teenager while entering the elevator but to no avail.

It would have been almost perfect with her being able to escape with the unpaid items, however, the clothes she wore before the ‘crime’ were left behind at the shop. Amongst her clothing, there they found a ticket for a boat ride with the name “Jobelle Bascug”.

Jessa Romagos, the store owner, has contacted the person named on the ticket. She was promised that the shoplifter will pay for all the clothes and accessories shoplifted. Romagos said she is deteremined to file a case against Jobelle, to teach her a lesson regarding the matter but decided not to file a complaint against her.

She was immediately released at Mandaue Police Station 2 because she claimed that she is only a minor. Adding humor on the story, the police desk of the station took a “selfie” with her because she was “beautiful”.

Currently, the teenage shoplifter from Leyte is now under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

It turns out, that she has been doing it with several shops with the same scheme until the last shop, on which she was found out.

This caught the eye of the social media in the internet. With people bombarding her Facebook page with negative criticisms and another group fighting for her side; she is now known as the “most beautiful shoplifter in Cebu”.
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Gabrielle Faith is currently a college student of BS Architecture in UP Diliman. Being the former Feature Editor in SLSPI's annual newspaper, she also has competed in various writing contests including the National Schools' Press Conference.