Instead of Internal Organs, Newspapers Compressed the Woman's Body

A woman's body stowed with newspapers was uncovered at a funeral parlor after it was released from a hospital in Quezon City.

Wenifreda Buatis, Nerissa's mother disclosed that her daughter was complaining severe stomach pain on August 23.

Then was brought to a hospital wherein pelvic tuberculosis which caused lumps in her stomach was discovered after a series of diagnostic and imaging tests.

They were informed that the lumps must be removed through surgical operation after which she was prescribed a Php 3,640 worth medicine. However, Nerissa started to act like a crazy after she took the medication, and that she would spit on anyone including her health providers. Few hours later, she went into deep coma which caused her death on September 10.

Instead of Internal Organs, Newspapers Compressed the Woman's Body

Further, the parents Wenifreda and Cesar were forced to provide autopsy for Nerissa to determine whether she had contagious disease lies in their family. At first, they refused but the institution had persisted but later, the family agreed to sign the consent after they were assured no payment and no organs will be taken out.

The family was shocked after the funeral parlor conveyed what they found out. According to Erick Salvador, owner of the funeral parlor they were surprised to receive a body just wrapped by a blanket. Also, the embalmer became astounded when he examined the body, and came across with newspapers within the abdominal, chest cavities instead of internal organs.

On the other hand, Quirino Memorial Medical Center located in Quezon City had the same incident where a body of a teenager was also stuffed with newspapers. Although the family of Nerissa did not reveal the name of the hospital, they are now contemplating what charges to file against the institution. In a while, the hospital's name is about to disclose by the family, the same report said.