No-Undees Look Criticisms cause Kristel Moreno to Weep

MANILA, Philippines- 23-year old former S3x Bomb Girls member, Kristel Moreno, cries over the criticisms she received for wearing a scandalous, see-through dress, Saturday at Makati Shangri-La Hotel for the Star Magic Ball.

Moreno, who is a member of Star Magic Batch 16, told Mario Dumaual in an interview at the ABS-CBN News on Thursday that she didn’t care about the criticisms she earned after the ball.

“Sa totoo lang po, parang ‘di ko pa siya pinapansin. Ako pa ‘yung nagsasabi sa mga kasama ko, ‘Hayaan n’yo na, huwag n’yo na pansinin,’” said Moreno. (As a matter of fact, I didn’t really care about it. I even told my companions not to mind them anymore.)

But on the following day, Moreno couldn’t help but cry as some comments seemed to have insulted her well-being.

“Kahit paano, ang sakit. Naiyak talaga ako,” quoted the dancer. “Kasi yung ibang comments, parang, sobra naman. Hindi na itsura ko ‘yung nilalait, pagkatao ko na, na hindi naman nila ako kilala.”

(Somehow, it hurt me. I really cried. Some comments have somehow become too harsh. They insulted, not just how I looked during the night, but also my person when in fact, they do not even know me.)

She felt the comments have gone overboard as those directed at her due to her sexy dress made her burst into tears. She explained that neither she nor the designer of the dress wanted to besmirch the start-studded event in reaction to some allegations that her revealing outfit was meant to create a scandal for it showed off her legs and cleavage.

She tried to avoid reading any of the feedback regarding her attire as well as the online reading lists which listed her among the “worst-dressed” at the ball. However, she was tagged in a post from a new Facebook account. This account apparently lured her to a page containing all the criticisms directed towards her.

“Pag-open ko, nandoon po lahat. Nandoon lahat,” the aspiring actress added. “Okay lang ‘yung sinasabi nila na may bilbil, mataba, opinion po nila ‘yun eh. Wala naman akong magagawa. Sa akin lang, medyo foul ‘yung iba na parang personal na masyado. Hindi na gown o hindi na itsura ko ‘yung pinupuna nila.”

(Everything was written there. It could have been fine if they just called me fat, that’s their opinion. I can’t do anything about that. But they have issued foul comments and it’s not just about my gown or my looks anymore.)

This scandalous gown was designed by Rocky Gathercole, a Hollywood-based Filipino designer who, among her clients, included popstar Katy Perry.

Moreno said that the very gown she wore of Gathercole’s design wasn’t bad at all for it was recently shipped to American performer Jennifer Lopez, who asked Gathercole to have the same gown custom-fit for her as soon as she saw a photo of it online. It is said that it will be used for an upcoming concert.

During the interview, Moreno revealed that she did not wear any undergarments, thus the title “No-Underwear Look”. She apologized, however, when asked about her exposed leg and cleavage, to those who found her dress inappropriate as it was never her intention to imply anything obscene.

Moreno weeps that the photos which spread online weren’t the ones that could have had accentuated her figure as a GMA report said, the pictures didn’t look all that well.

“At least I caught attention,” Moreno said as an expression of thanks as she readily admits this fact.