Pakistani in Dubai Secretly films Pinay Secretary in Toilet for Months

A Pakistani clerk in an interior decorations company in Dubai has been sentenced to six months in jail after being found guilty of secretly filming his workmates without their knowledge while using the toilet, September 21, Sunday.

Revealed only by his initials M.A., to keep his identity confidential, the clerk admittedly, used his cellular phone to film his clueless colleagues inside the washroom. For breaching the modesty and privacy of his co-workers, he was convicted by the Dubai Court of First Instance.
His deportation once after he completes his prison sentence was ordered by presiding judge, Mohammad Jamal.

Pakistani in Dubai Secretly films Pinay Secretary in Toilet for Months

The 29-year old perpetrator, M.A., who pleaded guilty to the charges pressed against his direction, said that he has been secretly filming his co-workers every rest break for four months before his inappropriate deed was discovered. In his confession, he revealed that his particular targets were an Arab woman and a Filipina secretary.

According to an Emirati staff sergeant who interrogated the suspect, the Pakistani admitted that he was doing the act to quench his desire of personal pleasure.

M.A. added he was filming his colleagues until he was exposed, taking the video footage for 10 minutes. However, he also said that he would delete the footage immediately after he was finished watching it.

The Pakistani revealed that he would set his phone on video mode and hide it inside a tissue box. This tissue box is placed under the sink, facing the toilet seat. He said he would place it there during break times and visit after ten minutes just to make sure a new recording is rolling in.

The one who discovered M.A.’s criminal activity was a male Syrian engineer, who at that time, also uses the communal toilet.

The engineer told the boss about his discovery immediately, saying he had spotted a suspicious thing inside the tissue box. Upon checking it, he was astonished to find it contained a mobile phone. Moreover, the phone’s camera was on.

It was discovered that the phone belonged to the Pakistani clerk upon inspection. He appeared in one of the video clips taken by his own phone while he was positioning the phone under the sink. He was seen switching it on and setting it on video mode.