US Marine Believes to be Involved in Transgender Jennifer Laude Slay

A transgender Jeffrey Laude found lifeless at Celsone Lodge in Olongapo City with an unidentified suspect whom the US Embassy together with the Philippine National Police (PNP) is closely working on in now.

Initial report said that Laude, 26 years old who is also known as "Jennifer" visited Ambyanz Disco Bar in Olongapo city with a male white foreigner. According to Elias Gallamos, the two checked in at Celsone Lodge at around 10:55 in the evening last October 11. However, after 30 minutes, the foreigner has left the room alone. Later, a cleaner came for the maintenance of the building spotted the dead body of Laude in the bathroom.

Furthermore, the foreigner was described by Gallamos to be between 25 and 30 years old having a marine haircut. According to the report, Laude’s lower body was covered with a cream blanket and the victim's head was slumped on the toilet bowl.

US Marine Believes to be Involved in Transgender Jennifer Laude Case

Meanwhile, an autopsy has been performed to determine the cause of the victim's death. Also, the Olongapo Police is further figuring out the motive for the killing. GMA reported that seven foreigners were seen at the investigation of the crime scene. Also a vehicle with diplomatic plates was identified outside the funeral parlor last Sunday.

On the other hand, the US Embassy has expressed their deepest condolences to the victim's family. Further allegations made that a foreigner was involved in the said incident and that they are trying their best to identify the suspect. The PNP also declared that they are doing their responsibility to arrest the suspect who killed the transgender Laude.

The embassy also assured their cooperation with the Philippine Authorities. Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario stated that Philippines may request for the American Soldiers Custody believed to be involved in the crime.