Watch Video Police Officer vs Taxi Driver Fight Along NAIA Road

Another alleged police brutality had been caught on camera and is now making rounds on You Tube. The video currently being shared in social media Facebook shows a heated argument between an alleged NAIA Airport Police and a taxi driver.

Upon scrutinizing the video, it seemed that the taxi driver picked up passengers on a restricted place.

The driver contested that he should not be the only one to be issued a ticket since some taxis had also done the same thing. Afterwards, he refused to hand his license being asked by the policeman.

Watch Video Police Officer vs Taxi Driver Fight Along NAIA Road

After a few minutes of debate, the officer finally smashed the taxi’s driver window, which then prompted the driver to surrender his license.

Netizens are now divided in opinion regarding the matter. For some people, there could not be an acceptable excuse for the said officer to act violently against any citizen. Furthermore, he should not have used an intimidating tone against the driver.

On the other hand, some think the driver is at fault since he violated a law and acted arrogantly when confronted by authority. It goes to say that Filipino’s cliché trait of, “Why me? Why not them?” had been manifesting in this video.

It seemed that he didn’t want to take liability for an offense since others had done it, too. Nonetheless, both arrogance from the officer and the driver show a gaping hole in Filipino morality.

If citizens are more disciplined, authorities wouldn’t have to act arrogantly just to intimidate people into following them. If officers, on the other hand, are more courteous and calm, they would not have a hard time gaining respect from citizens.

As of this writing, details of the said video have not been clearly identified; if this was a recent video or an old one. The officer and driver involved had yet to be identified.