Watch El Gamma Penumbra Grand Final Performance Brought Emotions on Stage of Asia’s Got Talent

El Gamma Penumbra, the Filipino shadow play group, sent a message on taking care of the environment with their grand finals performance which made a judge tear up. The message of the shadow play seemed to brought emotions from the stage of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands to the audience of Asia’s Got Talent.

El Gamma Penumbra, had shown through their performance the issues and current problems on the global environment including illegal poaching, high flood levels and dynamite fishing.

The shadow play was able to get positive feedback from the judges of Asia’s Got Talent, especially from Anggun, the Indonesian rock artist who had used her sole golden buzzer to automatically take them from the auditions to the semi-finals.

Watch El Gamma Penumbra Grand Final Performance Brought Emotions on Stage of Asia’s Got Talent

Anggun shared that she was determined not the cry in the night of grand finals performances. She expressed that the lesson shared by the group was now relevant, showing the importance of nature and animals. She also said that as entertainers, their main job is to entertain people, but to raise awareness on subjects that matter is a noble part of their job.

David Foster, Grammy-winning composer, said that the performance was "beautifully profound" and the entertainment industry could use artists like El Gamma Penumbra. Melanie C, former Spice Girls member, voiced how she was impressed by the group. The group still managed to bring surprising performances despite the short time to prepare.

She shared that the group was given shorter rehearsal time, yet the performances just gets better, showing the group’s creativity and hard work.

Vanness Wu, Taiwanese-American pop idol, said that entertainers bare a responsibility of being a role model, and the group had shown a good example.

The shadow play group, together with other fellow Filipinos Junior New System, Gerphil Flores and Gwyneth Dorado are part of the grand finals which comprised of nine acts in Asia’s Got Talent.