BEWARE: NAIA Terminal Ticketing Modus Experienced by Overseas Filipino Workers

A recent post about a latest modus in NAIA from a concerned citizen is now circulating on social media sites. It is about an unpleasant experience of an OFW with some alleged airport police.

The incident happened on July 28, 2015. The said OFW arrived in the Philippines from Abu Dhabi at 5:15 pm, two hours delayed from the expected arrival. He had to catch a connecting flight to Cebu at 6:15 pm but he was able to exit the airport at 5:35 pm which should have given him ample time to reach Terminal 3 for his next flight.

BEWARE: NAIA Terminal Ticketing Modus Experienced by Overseas Filipino Workers

He made his way to the parking area in search of the shuttle bus going to T3. However, an unidentified airport police informed him that the next shuttle bus would arrive after fifteen minutes. The officer then offered him a ride through another car with two other men.

The OFW, trusting the officer, went with them. However, the driver of the car presumably took detours thus the victim was unable to catch his flight. He was then told to go to a ticketing office to book another flight.

Upon reaching the said office, he also encountered a woman who arrived from Jordan. Just what he experienced, the lady was also offered a ride and ended up in the same ticketing office because she missed her flight to Mindanao.

Here is the Full Facebook Post

They were forced to buy plane tickets which they paid more than twice the original price and instead of an official receipt, they were only given vouchers.

The creator of the said post said he did it to raise awareness of the said modus operandi, and warned other fellow OFW to be cautious of airport police. He also posted pictures to support his statement. It was not clear, though, if a police report had been formally filed.